• 2010 Gretsch White Falcon G6136T
• 2013 Gretsch Black Pheonix G6136SLBP
• 2003 Gibson ES-335
• 1969 Gibson Les Paul Studio
• 2008 Gibson SJ-200 (Spruce/Maple - Anthem)
• 2001 Taylor 514CE (Cedar/Mohogany - ES)
• 1979 Takamine F-385 (12 String - iBeam)


• JHS Pulp N Peel
• JHS Morning Glory
• Bondi Sick As Overdrive
• Greer Amps Southland
• JHS Mini Bomb Boost
• Tapestry Audio Bloomery
• Malekko Fuzz
• EHX Nano POG
• JHS Emperor
• Malekko Trem
• Earthquaker Devices Tone Job
• Strymon Timeline
• Strymon Big Sky
• Goodwood Audio Output (under board)
• JHS Custom "Milk Machine" Noise Box
• Disaster Area Designs DMC-3XL
• Disaster Area Designs DPC-8EZ


• Matchless Chieftain (1x12)
• Vox AC30 (2x12)
• Fender Hotrod Deville (4x10)


Steve was born in Alaska where he was raised on the freshest salmon, moved to Oregon where he survived on the hippiest granola, and now lives in Texas where he dines on the finest barbeque.

He is inspired musically by Death Cab for Cutie, Bethel Music, MUTEMATH, and Coldplay. He loves to help people find their voice in worship, and to help them better understand God’s unique calling on their lives.