•Custom Built Warmoth Walnut Precision Bass

•2011 Ellis A5 Deluxe Mandolin "Elwood"

•Eastman MD315 Mandolin "Commando"
•Ashdown Rootmaster MAG 420 head
•Ashdown RM 410T speaker cabinet
•MXR M-80


Tanner comes from the hills of Northwest Arkansas, where he discovered his love for God's creation. Out in the solitude and silence of the mountains, trees, and rivers is where he finds his solace. During high school, Tanner started attending church with some friends, and started playing the bass guitar. Tanner moved to Austin and soon after started playing with theRESPONSE. God has truly gifted us with the joys of music, and Tanner loves sharing in that joy with the band, and with everyone else.

Tanner is an avid fly fisherman, lover of nature, and currently is obsessed with a funny little instrument called the mandolin.