-Gibson J45, year 1967
•Electro-Harmonix Nano POG
•Boss Digital Reverb RV-5
•Boss RC-30 Loop Station
•LR Baggs Para Acoustic D.I.
•Eastman cello
•Korg SV1, 73 keys


Taylor Stearns is a singer/songwriter based in Austin, Texas. After graduating the University of Texas in 2014 she has been pursuing a career in music. She began leading worship at the age of fifteen at Hill Country Bible Church in Cedar Park and has been a member of theRESPONSE band for seven years. Her passion has always been to seek truth and beauty in every facet of life, which is a personal value that drives her desire to lean into the world of art through the means of songwriting, leading worship, performing, and recording.


She will be releasing new solo material in 2016-- a ten song concept album called “Peaks&Arrows” which allegorizes the abstract theme of a spiritual journey in a colorful and visible way. Aside from pursuing her personal career goals, Taylor teaches a handful of students, leads worship around the Greater Austin Area with various communities, and is involved in enhancing other artists’ work by accompanying live performances and/or recording in the studio as a vocalist, cellist, or pianist.